What is a Native Ad?

Native ads are a form of online advertising. It is an attempt that the advertiser grabs the attention of the user by providing content to match the user’s experience. The goal of this type of advertising is to feel less intrusive and potentially increase clicks. There are various forms and platforms for this type of… Read More »

Did T-Mobile Pay for Backlinks?

I came across this on Twitter, and it nearly blew my mind. As SEO professionals, we understand that purchasing backlinks are against Google’s guidelines. Even though many digital marketing campaigns still do it, and get away with it, it is something that should be kept quiet. However, things did not stay quiet for this large… Read More »

Microsoft Leaks Parody Ad Mocking Chrome Commercial

Microsoft recently made a parody ad against their biggest competitor – Google. This placement was supposedly meant to remain internal, however, it was conveniently leaked just in time for Google’s I/O developers conference. The ad is simple with a white background and the Chrome logo bouncing around to Beethoven’s Fifth. The ad message is telling… Read More »

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a location-based marketing mobile application. Registered users can post their location when visiting a venue and connect with other users. When the user checks-in, they receive points and possibly a badge. If they check-in at one location, more than other users, they are awarded as the “Mayor” of that venue. In addition, users… Read More »

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Many marketers understand that the way to a fan’s heart is through the eyes. Facebook knows this, and that is why they have updated their pages to appeal to social network users with more visuals. Facebook wants people to share stories on this platform to include more colorful and vibrant looks. This ultimately leads to… Read More »

Facebook Ads Slowly Rolling Out on Graph Search

Facebook and its investors are wishful for the idea to sell ad space when a user searches within the Graph Search.  Yesterday, they started the first of the ads, but they are not targeted to the search queries.  It seems that the ads are utilizing Facebook’s standard targeting and retargeting.  This is similar to what… Read More »

Coca-Cola Released First Commercial with Taylor Swift

In January 2013, Taylor Swift signed a deal with Coca-Cola as their celebrity spokesperson. Coca-Cola just released the first commercial featuring the musician. In the ad, we got a glimpse at Swift, while she is writing her new single “22.” Since the 30-second ad was released yesterday, it has received over 817 likes on YouTube.… Read More »

How to Get Backlinks

A common mistake among a new website owner is buying links or buying into a link network.  Those types of backlinks can form a serious risk being flagged by the search engines.  It may be tempting, however, there are times for link buys.  It is just not now. The first step in creating a quality… Read More »

Christina Hendricks is Johnnie Walker’s Spokesperson

Last night was the season premiere of AMC’s Season 6 Mad Men. During the show, a commercial for Johnnie Walker came on featuring Christina Hendricks. Hendricks is the redheaded bombshell that plays Joan on Mad Men. In regards to this commercial, it was not new and she has been around for a few months promoting… Read More »